Finding the perfect stone was key to Bobbejaanland’s authentic look

Located in Lichtaart-Kasterlee, Bobbejaanland is one of Belgium’s most famous and loved amusement parks. Each of its attractions offers a fun, thrilling, and exciting experience. Big or small, everyone can find an attraction they love. So, if you want a fun day out, look no further than Bobbejaanland!

Our task: to supply natural stone according to colour, shape, and application

Nowadays, there’s a huge demand for natural materials such as beautiful, majestic boulders. Very much in this trend, Bobbejaanland was looking for stone that could emulate various natural settings. Thanks to our many years of experience and our large network of European quarries, we can supply the perfect natural stone for landscaping in amusement parks, zoos, parks, and gardens.

How did we ensure that Bobbejaanland could create that range of natural settings?

We’re a creative, pragmatic, and dynamic partner for our clients – we help them find the perfect solution. In this case, Bobbejaanland was looking for decorative natural stone that would effectively support their core theme of ‘nature’. Using their request as a guide, we were able to find the missing link.

Our approach to achieving results

We looked for the ideal stone that reflected Bobbejaanland’s vision of authenticity. Filip Bogaerts, Bobbejaanland’s project coordinator, had this to say about our approach: ‘Boymans blew us away with the huge range of choice. We received a sample box with so many different options, and Boymans was able to supply them all. We chose the lava stone for the ‘Vuurzone’ (fire zone) story on the ‘Fury’ ride, as it was the perfect match with the colour and atmosphere we wanted to create. You don’t have to do everything yourself or double-check things: Boymans is the absolute expert when it comes to natural stone.’

Images of our work:


Watch the Bobbejaanland project in this video report!