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About Boymans Rocks & Boulders

Boymans has more than 85 years of experience in decorative natural stone aggregates. We are passionate about what we do, and are happy to advise clients on the best products for a project.

Boymans Rocks & Boulders,

An authentic family business.

The Boymans family started excavating sand and gravel from their own sand quarries in Oirsbeek and Puth in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands, in 1933. By 1985, the quarries had been exhausted and integrated into the landscape. Since then, we have used our knowledge of logistics as a transport company for the import and export of functional and decorative natural stone aggregates. We have developed a large and permanent network of reliable hauliers.

We started our natural stone aggregate wholesale business in 1997.

Ron en Elja Boymans,

your regular contact persons.

Ron, trained in both geology and logistics, knows exactly which stone is a good fit for which environment. With his large network of quarries throughout Europe and dedicated transport personnel, he ensures that the ideal type of stone for every order arrives at the right destination.

Elja is a graduate of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. She is very creative when it comes to design. Elja also specialises in Land Art. Together, Ron and Elja are the perfect duo in the process of searching for, designing, and executing projects.

Think Big. Big Rocks.

Think Big. Big Rocks.

Think Big. Big Rocks.

Think Big. Big Rocks.

Think Big. Big Rocks.

Think Big. Big Rocks.

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Contact info

T: +31 (0)46 763 09 75

Visitors address:
Economiestraat 46
6433 KC Hoensbroek
The Netherlands

Opening hours:
Monday to friday
from 9.00am – 5.00pm